Safe Driving Tips in UK

Safe Driving Tips in UK

#1 Drive on the left

In UK we drive on the left hand side of the road. If you’re not use to it this maybe practice driving on a quiet street prior to going out onto the motor ways or busier roads.

#2 Wear your seatbelt

Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seat belt when the vehicle is moving.

#3 Drivers License

Always carry a copy of your driver licence in English. If using an international permit, you must also carry your original driver licence. Awesome Campers hires to anyone between the ages of 21 and 76 with a valid driver’s licence.

#4 Don't Speed

Drive no faster than the speed limit signs allow; and slower in rain or fog.

#5 Don't Drink

Alcohol and driving don’t mix. For experienced drivers the blood alcohol level is 0.05. Provisional drivers and young drivers may not have any alcohol before driving.

#6 Mobile Phones

The use of Mobile phones while driving is an offence in Australia and is very hefty fines.

#7 Fatigue

Fatigue causes many crashes in Australia. When driving long distances, stop and rest every 2 hours. Rest areas are places where you can park safely, get out of your car and refresh yourself before continuing on your journey.

#8 Remote Areas

Driving in the outback or rural UK requires having awareness of different road conditions and scenarios. For your own safety, you should never risk driving on dirt or unsealed roads, as this is where there is the biggest possibility for rollover accidents or damage to the vehicle.

#9 Roundabouts

All traffic must proceed in a clockwise direction in a roundabout. A vehicle already on a roundabout has right of way over any vehicles entering.

#10 Weather Conditions

Always check local weather conditions before heading off on your journey and avoid driving during extreme weather conditions.

#11 After Long Flights

If you will be arriving on long-haul flights we recommend you plan to spend your first night in UK in your arrival city to ensure that you are rested after your flight.​

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