Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We want you to have the best trip of your life while in one of our campervans...

To make sure your trip goes smoothly and without hassle, please take some time to read over our Rental Terms and Conditions. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Go Wild Campervan Rentals is based in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom. The following Terms & Conditions are the only applicable ones and binding for both parties, Go Wild Campervan Rentals as the “Lessor” and YOU as the “Hirer”. Please do take your time to read through the T&C’s carefully.

Go Wild Campervan reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of modification, the applicable conditions will remain as the same as they were at the time of your booking.

General Terms And Conditions

The Hirer must:
⁃ Be at least 25 years old.
– Hold a CLEAN UK/EU driver’s license in their name, valid and relevant to the category of the rented vehicle – the license must have been held for a minimum of 3 years. If you have any motoring offences or convictions then please contact us prior to making any booking. 

⁃ Present a valid utility bill (Council Tax bill, Water bill, Gas or Electric Bill) as proof of address, this must be no older than 3 months old.  
⁃ Have a credit card valid for the next 6 months from the date of hire in the name of the main driver

– Contact us prior to making a booking if they are planning a trip outside of the United Kingdom. You will not be unshed or permitted to take any of our vehicles abroad without our authorisation first. 

– Pay a deposit of £700 prior to your collection – this will be refunded within 7 working days following the safe return of the campervan. 

All of these documents must be original and valid; copies will not be accepted (unless stated otherwise at the time) by Go Wild Campervan Rentals. Failure to meet these conditions will result in your booking being cancelled and any monies paid forfeited. 

Any additional drivers will be charged an additional £10 per day per driver. In the event of a hirer who loss of the Hirer’s driving license, and if the Hirer hasn’t subscribed the additional driver option, the Hirer will pay for the return of the vehicle to the headquarters of Go Wild Campervan Rentals in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Therefore the Rental Agreement covers only the Hirer and the subscribed additional drivers. In addition the Hirer accepts liability for all unsubscribed drivers.

Rental Price

The campervan hire price is stated in the price-list and on the booking page. The price already includes third party-compulsory and liability insurance, this is for the United Kingdom only. For any European adventures you must contact us prior to making any booking.  

The rental price includes:

– Full Insurance

– Fully equipped and ready to go Wild Campervan, with everything you need to cook, sleep and explore on board. 

– Clean bedding with duvet and cover, pillows with covers and fitted sheet, camping table with 2 or 3 chairs, propane gas bottle (3kg) and full water tank upon collection (unless the hirer requests for it to remain empty).– Free Unlimited Miles.

– 24/7 Roadside Assistance included with AA. 

Prices are quoted and charged in Pound Sterling, including taxes (VAT and any other applicable taxes where necessary).

Booking And Payment

The Hirer will make a booking online via our website by providing their details and date of hiring period. After checking the availability, Go Wild Campervan Rentals will send the hirer an email booking confirmation and the payment receipt for the deposit (40% of the total amount of the rental rate). By paying the deposit, the Hirer accepts the general terms and conditions of Go Wild Campervan Rentals and the rental agreement is binding for both, the Hirer and Go Wild Campervan Rentals. Full payment for the rental fee and any additional equipment is then required 28 days prior to the collection of the campervan. If the booking is made within less than 28 days before the start of your rental period, then full payment will need to be paid. Failure to make the final payment 28 days before your booking, may result in your booking being cancelled and any monies paid retained by Go Wild Campervan Rentals. The £700 deposit must be paid 3 days prior to collecting the vehicle. The rental agreement and invoice will also serve as confirmation/proof of the booking.

Acceptable payment methods are:

– Direct bank transfer
– Paypal (5% surcharge applies) 

– Credit card

A security deposit of £700 is required and should be paid to Go Wild Campervan Rentals a minimum of 3 days prior to your collection of the campervan. The payment of the security deposit must be paid by credit card issued in the driver’s name. The deposit covers the following charges:

– 1% deductible franchise and loss of liability insurance bonus and insurance fee refund in case of car accident or vehicle damage.
– minor outside and inside damages on the camper van.
– missing equipment from the Inventory checklist.
– damage which is not covered by the liability insurance.
– travel expenses such as fuel (all vans let with a full fuel tank and must be returned the same way)

– any cleaning charges 

Upon returning the campervan, if there’s no damage, no equipment is missing and no cleaning charges,  the deposit will be returned in full within 7 working days. 

In the event that damage has been caused to the vehicle, Go Wild Campervan Rentals has 60 days to obtain quotes/estimates on any works that are needed before the return of the remainder of the deposit. If the damage warrants the use of insurance then the full deposit will be forfeited. 

The Hirer also agrees to pay the following unpredictable costs:

-Upon returning the vehicle: the amount of exceeded mileage, calculated at the rate stated by Go Wild Camper Van or additional charges arising from the application of these rental Terms and Conditions.

-The amount of any type of penalties, fines, judicial and extrajudicial expenses arising from any traffic violation, whether administrative, criminal or any other kind, which are directed against vehicle, the Hirer or Go Wild Camper Van, during the rental period, unless it is due to Go Wild Camper Van fault.

-In the event that the vehicle is retained, blocked, sealed, deposited, seized, damaged or otherwise immobilized by any reason due to Hirer’s fault, all expenses will be on the account of the Hirer, including the company profit loss on hiring during the term of the vehicle’s detention.

-Expenses incurred by Go Wild Camper Van (including Lawyers and attorneys’ fees, even though their intervention was not mandatory) in claiming the amounts owed by the Hirer under this contract.

-All damages caused to a third party or to Go Wild Camper Van not covered by the insurance of the vehicle.

-If the Hirer delays payments, late payment interests shall apply in accordance with the legislation in force.


If the Hirer wishes to cancel their booking, they must do so in writing or via email. Go Wild Campervan Rentals reserves the right to retain any monies paid, other than the security deposit, in accordance with the below scale:

-More than 6 weeks prior to the pick-up date: any payment made will be reimbursed in fill – less a £20 administration fee.

– Less than 6 weeks before the pick-up date: 40% of the total hire price (the deposit) will be retained in full.

– Less than 2 weeks before arrival : 100% of the total hire price will be retained in full.

Go Wild Camper Van reserves the right to cancel the booking if:

– The driving license is not valid.
– The number of guests is above the maximum occupancy allowed.
– If the Hirer is not able to provide the security deposit.
– If the Hirer is not able to provide the required documents as requested.
– If the Hirer fails to provide the final payment by the due date.

*We suggest that you take out your own travel insurance in order to cover any cost of a cancellation, or use our cancellation insurance. We offer cancelation insurance at £50 per booking, this is treated as an extra on your booking. If our cancellation insurance is taken out and you cancel up to 7 days prior to your booking then any monies paid will be refunded in full less the £50 cancellation insurance payment. If you cancel within 7 days of the start of your booking and you have taken out our Insurance cover we will only refund you 20% of the booking cost. 

Vehicle Collection, Redelivery And Cleaning

The rental periods are organized on a season’s basis. From mid-June to mid-September, a minimum lease of 7 days is required while between October and may the minimum lease is 3 days.

The camper vans are handled between 9:00h and 15:00h on the first day of the hire period. The camper van is redelivered on the last day of the hire period until 12:00h. Only in this case the day of collection and the day of re-delivery are regarded as one day of camper van rental.

Prolongation of hire period is not possible unless by prior agreement. Collection and re-delivery of the camper van takes place in Črniče, at the company’s headquarters or by agreement.

When redelivered, the camper van has to be clean, have full tank of DIESEL fuel, empty drinking water tank, empty waste water tank and empty toilet cassette in case you rent one as an optional.

If you don’t have the time to clean the van yourself, then the extra charge cleaning option is for you (€50).

In case when the fuel tank is not full, any reimbursement for missing fuel will be charged on the basis of the Petrol’s daily price list, plus 50 EUR for fixed expenses.

Upon delivery the camper van is fully inspected (equipment, mechanics, car body, the engine etc.), operation of all devices in the camper van is checked and the Inventory Checklist is made. All defects, missing equipment, camper van damage etc. are written in the Inventory Checklist. All ascertainable damage is photographed and documented. At the redelivery, the condition of the camper van and operation of all devices are checked on the basis of the Inventory Checklist. The Hirer is responsible for all defects and damage that were not ascertained at the collection.

Lost equipment is charged on the basis of the price list the Hirer may find on the list of the received equipment ( Inventory Checklist).

All damage, defects and extra cleaning are charged according to the repair and cleaning prices estimated by third-party contractors.

In case of delay at the camper van re-delivery caused by force Majeure, the Hirer is obliged to notify Go Wild Camper Van by phone, state the reason for the delay and approximate time of the camper van re-delivery.

In case of returning the camper van before the expiration date of the Agreement at your own request, the price stated in the Agreement stays/remains valid. If the camper van is not returned on time, you will be charged 30€ for the first hour and 50E for every following hour with a maximum of 3xdaily hire rate per day.

The Driver

On the day of hire, the driver (or drivers) of the camper van has to be at least 25 years old. All drivers must have a valid driving license for a minimum of three years.

The driver (or drivers) commits himself not to consume alcoholic beverages before and while driving and not to drive under the influence of substances that decrease cognitive and motor abilities (medicines, drugs, etc.). In the opposite case the insurance company will not cover the cost and the insurance policy will not cover the damage.

By signing the Rental Agreement, the driver confirms the accuracy of his personal identification data.

Prohibited Use Of The Camper Van

By signing this agreement, the Hirer obliges himself to use the camper van exclusively for tourist purposes and by no means for any illegal purposes.

Hiring a camper van implies the respect of driving rules. It is important to remember that:

– The vehicle should be used on appropriate roads for car traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies, concerts, festivals or other competition whatever nature it is, nor to give driving lessons.

The vehicle shouldn’t:

– be used to tow (or push) any vehicle or trailer.

– be used on inappropriate roads ( Insurance Policy does not cover damages to the undercarriage and tires, therefore the Hirer is liable for the damage.)

– be used for transporting dangerous substances, explosive, combustible, poisonous or materials dangerous in any other way.

– get in contact with salt water.

– be used for transporting weapons, drugs and alike.

– be leased to a third person.

– be driven through war-affected and other dangerous areas.

The Hirer and the passengers are not allowed to smoke in any part of the camper van, enter with shoes with rough soles, jump from the bed on the floor, keep domestic animals inside the vehicle without supervision and use the vehicle carelessly or negligently. In case of infringement of this article, Go Wild Camper Van is entitled to reimbursement for all costs arising in connection with this article. In case of smoking inside the camper van, the Hirer is charged 150 EUR for the covers washing and deep cleaning.

Traveling Abroad

The camper van can be used for traveling to all European countries except for those that are war-affected or traveling there is undesired for other reasons. Traveling to those countries is permissible only with prior agreement and adequate camper van insurance.

In the case of traveling to a country where higher risk of theft, break-in or other damage that might be caused to the camper van exist, the Hirer has to provide for adequate security and protection of the camper van.

On May 1, 2009 a new act on changes in Hospitality and Catering Industry Act (Zakon o izmjenama Zakona o ugostiteljskoj djelatnosti) came into force in Croatia. According to this Act, camping, parking or lodging for the night outside camps or places intended for parking are violations that are punished with fine. Prohibited camping on private properties may lead to sealing the camper van for 60 days. Unsealing it is a violation of the law.

– The hirer strictly binds himself not to infringe this act. In case of infringement the hirer himself bears responsibility and covers all costs arising from the infringement, covers all expenses of the lessor’s income loss and all damage to the camper van caused in the time of sealing.

Vehicle Repairs

If the camper van breaks down during the hire period (during travel) the Hirer tries to do away with the defect at the nearest authorized Car Service provider, but only with previous consent with Go Wild Camper Van. If the Hirer is not responsible for the breakdown, he should, at the camper van redelivery, present the original invoice with the name of the Car Service provider/owner written on it. Only and exclusively then, the Lessor provides a refund for the Hirer’s expenses.

In Case Of An Accident

The Hirer obliges himself that he will, in the event of an accident (road accident, theft, break-in, parking damage etc.), report the eventual damage on the camper van to the police (competent for the country where the accident has happened) and call Go Wild Camper Van within 24 hours.

The Hirer has to hand over the adequate documentation, a European Accident Statement, and a camper van damage sketch. The Accident report has to include the names and personal identification data of all accident participants.

In the case of drinking and driving the Hirer bears all costs.

In the event of serious damages to the camper van, being the Hirer’s fault, and it is foreseen that the vehicle will not be used for a long period of time or if it must be withdrawn from circulation, Go Wild Camper Van may refuse to provide a replacement vehicle. In this case, the termination of the contract with the Hirer will be excluded, and the Hirer will be obliged to pay the full price of the hire, plus costs that these actions may have caused. If Go Wild Camper Van decides to offer a replacement vehicle available to the Hirer, the Hirer will be charged with any costs arising there from.


The camper van has compulsory and liability insurance with 1 % deductible.

Hirer Responsibilities

The camper van may be used exclusively by the Hirer stated in the Agreement.

– The Hirer must observe and respect traffic regulations.

– The Hirer shall be liable for the value of the liability insurance deductible in respect of any damage as a result of his fault and, in this respect, Go Wild Camper Van cost on account of loss of bonus.

– The Hirer bears unlimited responsibility in case the damage is caused by the unauthorized driver, excessive load and by any other prohibited ways of usage.

– In case the insurance company for any reason refuses the payment, the Hirer is obliged to cover the damage.

– For damages not originating from the road accident, the Hirer himself bears responsibility.

– The Hirer obliges himself to have the documents and camper van keys always on him when leaving the camper van. In the opposite case the insurance company will not cover the costs arising from camper van theft, which means the Hirer has to cover all costs himself.

– The Hirer shall check all of the use controls of the vehicle such as oil level every 1000 km, tires pressure and, faulty lights and so on. The Hirer shall pay attention to the indicators on the vehicle panel. Any damage caused by the lack of care and attention of the Hirer to the vehicle’s engine (oil level, engine temperature, wrong fuel choice, battery stagnation, cooling liquids…) will remain at the Hirer charge.

– The Hirer has to use the camper van as a careful and conscientious holder. Think of it as your own vehicle.

Go Wild Camper Van Responsibilities

Go Wild Camper Van provides the camper van in perfect technical condition, without defects that might cause an accident.

Go Wild Camper Van is not responsible for the Hirer’s personal property left behind or forgotten in the camper van. In the case of unforeseen event, damaged or not roadworthy camper van on the first day of the hire period, the parties either re-arrange the hire for another day or Go Wild Camper Van provides a full refund of amount the hirer has paid.

Go Wild Camper Van will bear no responsibility in any other case.

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